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Tippler Does....Brussels!

Some say the charm of Brussels is best sampled through a half-empty beer glass. Certainly, eyeing-up a trappist masterpiece on a nearby table while pondering an extensive drinks menu is one of the big plusses of the Capital of Europe.

Belgium is home to some of the finest beers on the planet and the majority of bars in the country's capital serve them with grace, style and a deserved reverence.

Click Here for a run-down of some of the best bars to tumble in and out of, both ex-pat and more traditional.

Brussels Best Bars


Carpe Diem Café


Fabian O' Farrell's

L'Amour Fou

Le Trappiste

Fat Boy's

Mini Louise

Tierra del Fuego

L'Ultime Atome

Matonge, Ixelles

Le Booze 'n' Blues


The Crow

Le Fourquet

Le Stoemelings


L'Horloge du Sud

Le Bier Circus

O' Reilly's

The Bank

Click below and join me down the breweries of....

De Koninck


Here are a few York pubs......
The Maltings

The Blue Bell

The Three Cranes

The Roman Bath

The Snickleway Inn

The Royal Oak

The Red Lion

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