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BLAckMail CoRner!
The PROOF is out there!.

Blackmail Cash!




Pride of place this month goes to a certain York city centre barmaid of, er, northern extraction who whipped her unfeasibly large wobblies out on New Year's Eve (click on the image above for a closer look). Now obviously we can't name the cad who gave us the picture - suffice to say he may be singing a wee bit higher than usual when our victim gets hold of him.

As for the lady in question - it's gotta be FIFTY QUID to keep your identity a secret. Well, either that or another flash in the privacy of the editor's bog!

Yeah, we know - we're proper bastards...

Could you possibly be the hairdresser with a reputation for getting on OK with the girlies who sadly found himself in Double Jeopardy recently? After a fantastic run of bonking, then dumping, literally scores of women over the years - without EVER getting dumped once - you suddenly became a dumpee for the first time . Not only that, but the girl whose arms you fell into to get over this major tragedy promptly dumped you as well! There is a God, after all. Remember kid, you're on a hat trick - so fifty quid or they'll all be out to make it 'three-in-a-row', we promise...


Last month's victims (who didn't pay up, despite threatening to buy us copious amounts of beer), were....

a) None other than the Evening Press's own Chris 'Joshua' Titley who whimped out at a lap dancing club during his mate's stag do


b) Scarborough's own Neil Mundy who is in deep cack with Ann at Falsgrave's The Ship. Keep 'em coming!

Got anyone you'd like to stitch up? 'Course you have!
Write to us at 22 Falsgrave Road, Falsgrave, Scarborough or email: and we'll see what we can do.

Catch yer later...

Robin B'Stard

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