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THIS month we thought we'd have a look at three of the best football books ever written - books that don't require you to follow the team in question to enjoy them.

First up is FEVER PITCH by NICK HORNBY. This is the obsessive's guide to football; written by the type of sad knacker who will turn up to watch his/her team week-in, week-out, regardless of how badly they are playing. And for most of this book Hornby's Arsenal are shite. The true tale runs from the early 70s to Arsenal's magnificent last minute title win at Anfield in 1989 and a bit beyond. It's classic stuff as Hornby's adolescence echoes his beloved Arse's results; plenty of defeats, the occasional spectacular win - and a succession of boring nil-nils. Hope, disappointment and just plain stultifying boredom.

Why why why does he do it? Hornby tries to explain - and it's a lot funnier and more complex than you might think. Fact is, anyone who says football is only a game has never stood on a freezing cold terrace in February with a cup of lukewarm soup having spent a fortune watching a shower of shit lose 4-0 at home. Hornby, like most regular York City/Scarborough goers, has. Quite simply, this is the best book about soccermania ever written. Top of the league...

MORE Arse next with TONY ADAMS' shocking autobiography: ADDICTED. The Gunners & England skipper tells the sorry tale of his addiction to alcohol and its effects, namely falling down stairs and needing 29 stitches in his napper, screwing up his marriage and doing time for drink-driving after pranging his car into a wall at high speed. Fortunately, his other addiction is football and it's almost miraculous that he managed to juggle his two obsessions for as long as he did.

Adams speaks frankly and, at times, harrowingly, of blackouts, bust ups and pissing the bed. Meanwhile, his thoughts on fellow boozers Gazza and Merse are eye-opening to say the least.

Undoubtedly a gifted and courageous footballer, this book shows Adams to be a gifted and courageous man. It's a tragic tale of a man battling for his life day after day but, ultimately, it's an inspiration - and a magnificent read to boot.

LAST up is A WILL TO WIN, SIR ALEX FERGUSON's diary covering May '96-Jan '98. OK, his recent autobiography is a belter but, because this is written in diary form, it's much more immediate and allows the reader into the mind of a top soccer boss and his daily routine as the season unravels. It starts with Man U's chase for Shearer, covers the 5-0 and 6-3 dickings by Newcastle & Southampton, the loss of the proud European unbeaten home record to Fene-buggering-bache, Fergie's 10th anniversary at the club, the racist stuff between Wright and Smeichel, title success, Big Eric's bombshell and the Champions league campaign in full (semi final defeat by the Germans...). Again, no matter which team you support, this book is a must for any footie fan. And York even get a wee mention!

Roll on the new season!



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