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The Snickleway Inn


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Frank and Di Cartin run this excellent little boozer, housed in a building which could have been built as long ago as 1490.

Architects will tell you it was originally a box-framed timber-ceilinged medieval building before sniffily adding that some thoughtless beggar went and renovated it in about 1580.

Visitors today can still see the timber framing of the Tudor and Jacobean rooms. In fact one room is situated at a level representing that of York's streets 500 years ago.

There's little to link the building with the pub trade, however, until the 17th century - although evidence suggests it may once have been a brothel! Frank is wisely saying nowt.

But that's not all - York being York and The Snickleway being very old, it just had to have a ghost or three didn't it?

The landlord swears that Ghost No. 1, the dark, brooding presence lurking in the cellar, never goes so far as to interfere with the beer, while ghost No 2 is the phantom of a young woman who loiters on the stairs.

Legend says she was a novice nun who transgressed the rules of her order. The sound of a baby crying may hint at the nature of her transgression.

Ghost No 3 is said to pop up occasionally in a first floor room. So far he's given no definite clue to his identity but it's thought that the pub was once part of the building next door in which, in the 17th century, a young man named Marmaduke Buckle lived.

Marmaduke's tale is a sad one; born with multiple physical handicaps he was shunned by most members of society who accused him of witchcraft and wizardry. He therefore spent most of his life inside the building and, aged just 17, carved his initials, date of birth and date of death on an upstairs wooden beam. Then he hanged himself.

Marmaduke thus went down in history as York's original angst-ridden teenager - hundreds of years before anyone knew what an angst-ridden teenager actually was. Could it be the spirit of this same tragic and lonely Marmaduke that haunts the Snickleway Inn to this very day?

Another of the pub's interesting features is a beer garden so small it's called a Beer Yarden. Frank reckons it could be the smallest in England, although it was recently challenged by a pub in Scarborough. No matter - it'll seat about eight at a very cosy squash. So make sure you go with people you like.

The gents' toilets are also notable for the fine array of cartoons decorating the walls. Don't know about the ladies' though...

The beer is hand-pulled, as you would expect, and there's a permanent guest ale available. There's also a food operation, run by Di, for those who fancy a nibble to help mop up their liquid nutrients.

All in all The Snickleway is as near to a traditional boozer as you can get. As well as the many regulars there's always shoppers and tourists popping in - if only just for a coffee and a quick scan of the day's paper. It's warm, friendly, full of characters and the staff are used to putting up with all sorts!

Just one word of warning, though - if invited out on a pub session by the landlord, make sure you have no important meetings the following day. Take it from Tippler - Frank Cartin is a very dangerous man to know when let loose with a pocketful of cash, a lively thirst and no curfew from the missus!

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