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Seaside Rock....Cap'n Ants surfs the seaside froth...ok in english...he goes for beer by the beach.


Cap'n Ants

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Plenty has changed on shore in Skardiburg while I've been away sailing the seven seas.....First off I ambled into the Newcastle Packet which has had a repaint and refurbish inside and out. Further along the way, past the Harbour Bar, the Lord Nelson had also had an exterior covering of barnical repellant...though the inside was gratefully unchanged except for added big was still packed to the gills with Danny Wilde fans new and old. The Mermaid next to the Futurist is no more and has been a building site since January.....

The Britannia Inn has hopefully started a chain of events that should see the rest of Eastborough tidy it's act up...having repainted and refurbished, most of the pubs on this street I imagine haven't seen a paint brush or carpenter since 1850 or so...but then again walking into an atmos you can slice with a knife brings back memories of many a rum soaked evening....

In the Old Town The Leeds Arms is still as I left it but next door the SubAqua Club is undergoing refurbishments ready for when it's too rough to dive for treasure.

On into the town centre and you notice the New George has a couple more photos of Mr Ingle and their licenceing worries are over after Rocky having trawled through the town archives etc....Scruffy Murphy's has morphed into Bar M or is it M Bar, a red outside and bare room with bar inside....ok for the younger crew but not for me. St Thomas Street has had a renaisance of sorts with The Sun Inn having been left to rot for a couple of years has had the refurb' and moved the bar back a bit to make it less of a squeeze and is now as a result part of the regular route....further up on Castle Road Smiler's has turned into IT IS IT IS, the bar has been moved to the rear (Having extended back into the garage behind it) with a version of the New George's 'Refreshers' coloured seating area to the side, added gimmiks include drinking from a fish bowl and a DJ that dances on the ceiling....look into the corners and a red indian looks back at you.. Over the way The Nottingham is now Indigo Alley a real ale pub with live music every other day...

The eye sore that was Flares is now gone and in its place is the New West Riding a cosy pub in a similar style to the rest of the Castle Road regulars of The Aberdeen, Prince of Wales, Nelson and The Spa. The West having gone the whole way with the look and added the ubiquitous fireplace....:) The Nelson is now also ship shape after a while in dry dock, It's amazing what a lick of tar can do for your boat to stop it leaking.

All in a day's work for a Red Square barman!

The Middle of town has seen changes too.....the former Pavilion Vaults is now Murray's Bar which is now light and pine floored where before it was dark and sticky...disappointing for the die hard greasy gig goer but a breath of fresh air for those looking for a music venue that you don't have to dress down for.....around the corner down York Place where Anton's Resturaunt used to be is Bar 69 a new sports themed bar and it is a bar rather than a pub as is The Red Square opposite the end of the road. The Red Square has been open since the end of last year but the landlubbers had to undergo a steep learning curve before they realised that a 'quick shag' or 'sex on the beach' weren't exactly what was on offer....:)

Going down the hill behind the Brunswick shopping centre Lord Lucan is no longer climbing from his window but below a new bar called Scholer's has been created and opened since June and has quickly become a part of the weekend crawlers circuit.....

At the Top of Town things are immediately different as you step off the train....the former station Cafe' is now The Head of Steam an American diner cum rail museum styled bar........The Victoria Hotel opposite the railway station has undergone yet another refurb' since I last ventured this far from the good lady ship The Golden Behind.....changing first from The Victoria Hotel to Chillis and now to The Old Victoria Hotel....those who enjoyed the special offer triples available when it was Chillis can now start the evening off at the Old Vic' with Quadrouples.....though the decor is not Mexicana anymore but custom kit standard Publican...

"It came off in me 'and!" - Three Queens enjoy a drink in Kings

The Night Club scene seems to be all of a mix at the mo' since Kings Night Club started its free entry policy. With Boleyn's chargeing £5 for 'Scarborough's premiere night spot' and the only alternatives being Club XS 18 to even younger or The New George dance floor on a Friday or Saturday night, Kings is pulling in the after hours don't want to be ripped off or feel like a grandad crowd....:) there are a couple of others mi shipmates went to further along the way Planet 2000 above Laughton's Bar and The Pickwick has DJ Mullet's Disco in the cellar after hours on the weekend for a small entry fee. During the week Club XS has a great Student night come Rock Night on Wednesdays. On Mondays students head down to the Underground which is now called THE TOMB, hopefully it'll still be good for a Mosh and a cheep bottle offer....Free entry anyways..:)

Well best be orf and catch the tide......all aboard.....splice the mains'l.....make ready and cast off those big heavy ropes.....set sail for the open seas and mind the sand bar......catch you laters land lubbers!........ I'm off to the poop deck


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