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Meet The Locals - Real Life Stories
Beach Boat Casting!

words and pics by Anthony Springall

Ok hands up how many of you have fished from the beach?....Mmmm well that's quite a few of many would like to but can't cast for toffee?......well hands up now if you've gone fishing in a boat?.....Mmmmm quite a few of you again....well how many have wanted to fish from a boat but can't 'cause you get sea sick?

I was walking along New Plymouth Beach on New Zealand's north Island west coast....when I saw a skinny chap dragging a small trailer behind him followed by a small dog and a chap with a rod in his hand....ooer!

I carried on up the beach...on my return they had picked a spot on the beach and unpacked the trailer....

A small craft lay at the edge of the surf...glinting in the sunshine....The closer I came the smaller the craft became...."shurely shum mishtake..." They'd never both fit in there!

Leading from the volumeless vessel a gossimer thin line lay zig zagged across the beach....The rib clinging gent stood silohetted against the sun as he afixed long lines with baited hooks to the zig and the zag from a 25 stringed harp.....

Ian Raven, as I later discovered was his name (a fourth generation Kiwi) was showing Rob (a newly Kiwi domiciled fourth year work colleague hailing from Durbon South Africa) his homemade self propelled casting device....namely the boat.

Having tried casting from the beach with a single hook clambering along rocks to gain distance....he tried using a kite to fly his hook into deeper waters, then having read a magazine article on the joys of boat-casting he thought he'd found the ultimate in beach fishing techneques, only it cost $1,999! "Bollox to that!" he thought....."I can make one of those for next to nothing" and off he went to his work shop....

Amazing what you can do with a slice of polystyrine packaging and a penknife :) powered with a pair of motorcycle batteries and an electric motor from a diesel engine....sweet!

Rob had come along with his 'old fashioned' casting rod so he could do a comparison fish with this most efficient of modern labour saving devices...usually he brought his children to the beach with him when he fished, but this time he needed to concentrate, after all he'd been told to expect a success rate of 100%.


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